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Aqua Journey’s have a crew of travel experts. Between us all…we have travelled around the globe  so can give you insider tips full of hidden secrets and advice.  

While I love to chat…especially all things travel, I’m going to try and keep it brief.  

Paris is one of my favourite places in the world. You can do Paris as a tourist, or as a local. So I’m  going to tell you a few “of my favourite things” (yes wrong movie 🤷‍♀️ 


My least favourite thing. HOWEVER you MUST MUST visit La Fayatte. Especially during mid year  stock date sales. 

Walk in to De Beers and “pretend” you are the wealthiest person in the world. They will pour you  champagne and let you try on million dollar rings. (Yes a bit naughty for lying…but wow). Then park yourself at the worlds only pink champagne bar to hydrate before you find your way to  the top. 

Use the lift and go to the top floor. There is a fire exit so take that and bring your picnic  (supermarket downstairs) and get the best view of Paris…only the locals know about this gem. 


The transport options in Paris are amazing. The 1st thing you need to do is get either the Big Red  Bus (I prefer) or the Big Green Bus ticket. You can chose how many days you need. It’s the best  way to see Paris…and includes hop on hop off on every Street so you can explore at your pace.  (They will drive past every 5min…so take your time).  

As an added bonus you can also use your pass to hop on hop off the river cruise along the Seine  River.  

Did you know the Champsélysées is the only round about in the world (that car insurance won’t  cover for an accident? (Found that out at 21 when I was driving on an 8 lane roundabout and took  me probably 16 times to find my way to an exit….) DON’T drive in Paris is the message! You’ll  thank me later for that tip. 


Who on earth would go to Paris without wanting a culinary experience? Not me…THAT’S FOR  SURE! 

My suggestion is to google “Michelin Green guides to Paris” or “Michelin Red Guide to Paris  Restaurants”. You will find everything here you need to know to have a gastronomical food  experience. 

We ate at the Eiffel Tower (bookings can’t be made until 3months prior to dining…thank you Aqua  Journey’s). However I really don’t rate the experience…except to say we ate there! It was an  alternate drop menu, and if you have an allergy they just give you fruit. If you are a real foodie I  suggest Le Jules Verne on the 2nd floor of The Eiffel Tower. 

And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE try escargot 🙌 you won’t regret it!


Depending on what you want to experience in the City of Love there are a few must’s!  Before you travel…buy a padlock and get it engraved before you go. You will be easily directed to  the Bridge of Love where you can padlock your love forever and throw away the key. 

Points to note for art lover’s…The Louvre takes 3days to walk through if you want to do it  thoroughly. You can book a guided tour or just grab a pass to run through to see the Mona Lisa  

😜 It’s all about you! The big eye Ferris wheel near the Louvre is a MUST DO! So make Paris YOUR journey…the way YOU want it. 

Make your own “Emily in Paris” movie 🍿 A few sneaky pics from my last trip! Bon Voyage 

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