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Tips and Secrets USA

When I was recently asked a question about something special in the USA, which is my favourite place, I had to think long and hard. It’s all very special. I’ve been 21 times since 1991 and I have seen lots of amazing things. But here’s my secret, limousines are often the same prices as a taxi, much nicer and a lovely way to arrive or leave a city. My first taste of this was in Hawaii. We arrived at the airport and took a taxi to our hotel. We had to wait in a long queue and saw all these other people heading off to lovely stretch limousines. We thought that they must be rich.  Limousines are expensive right. We had a lovely stay, and when it was time to head back to the airport, the hotel said would you like a stretch or a taxi.  I asked what the difference in price was. She said if they were not busy, they did it for the same price as a taxi.  I said absolutely! So nice driving along, relaxing with plenty of room to stretch out. I’ve since ordered a limousine transfer in New York, Vegas and even at home.  From my house to the airport, it’s $85 in a taxi and $85 in a luxury limousine car.  And they always arrive a few minutes early, I’ve never had a late one yet.
I even used a Stretch Hummer Limousine to take 6 of us from Anaheim to Vegas one year, it was cheaper than 6 airfares, no waiting around airports, laughing, singing, drinking in the back. Such an amazing memory.

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